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Best Hyip Scripts Software to Create Hyip Website

Best Hyip Scripts

HYIP Scripts are software packages for managing HYIP Sites. HYIP scripts are used to handle all information on the investment site, which is related to registering, logging into your account, depositing, collecting profits and bonuses, making payments, etc.

These scripts must meet certain requirements needed for smooth operation. Among them – implementation of transactions with various payment systems, proper security against hackers and continuous updates, ease of use, a clear interface, the presence of a multi-language version, and so on. So, let’s look at a basic HYIP script.


This software helps you create and manage your own HYIP easily. Including automatic withdrawals, instant payments, and mass payments. The combination of price, features, performance and security is the best on the market today.

Goldcoders is one of the most popular scripts for HYIP. The script has a simple interface and supports more than 20 payment systems, including Bitcoin. When you buy the program, you get Free installation, Free support and 15% discount on other products.

Buy goldcoders hyip manager

2. H-scripts


Unlike Goldcoders, H-script is open source. This is a big plus for developers, who can adjust the machine to their needs.
You can download it for free and do a portable test.
Script supports many payment systems (more than Goldcoders)
This site has a forum with open threads about many issues that are of interest to administrators and ordinary users.
The scripts are updated regularly, choices and ideas appear constantly.
In general, H-script has a good function, it is suitable for those who like to see everything.


Slow support (if the admin responds, you’re lucky! My suggestion – use their forum),

3. Shadowscripts

Shadowscript is a product that is able to compete from the two developers mentioned above. This is a professional software and support solution for managing HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, Referral Programs, Matrices and Re-Cycler programs. This script is quite popular among English-speaking admins. The developer also provides additional services – hosting and design for HYIP projects. Although Shadow has serious competitors such as H-Script and GC, and is considered by many to be “non-standard” scripts, it is still in great demand.

Reliability is the main feature of the script. The Shadowscript project, as a rule, runs without problems and even if it comes, technical support completes it quickly. This project is not behind world trends – the ShadowScripts HYIP Manager software is compatible with popular payment processors, including Bitcoin.

Another important advantage of this script is its irregularity, which allows developers to better monitor problems and eliminate them quickly.

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