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How To Setup OKPay API GoldCoder Script

  • First of all be sure you have SOAP module installed for PHP.
  • Enter your OKPay account.
  • Switch to “Integration” page:

  • Scroll down to “API Access” section
    General Functions API – check box next to it
    Access Password – you can’t just enter string to this field – you should click on “Generate New Password” and wait till system shows you new pass – copy and save this password as you will not see at any more. If you will forget it you will have to generate new one.
    Optionally for more security you can “Enable API Security”. You can add several rules and one of them should be your server outgoing IP to “IP Address” field and to Subnet Mask. Get your server outgoing IP from your hoster.
  • Enter HYIP Manger Pro admin panel Auto-Withdrawals Settings page and setup OKPay API:


    After you enter all required data you can click on “Test” button, to use script access OKPay API and get your balance. If data you have entered is valid and you setup API in your account correcly, you will see your USD balance.

  • Do not forget save Settings.
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