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With Bitcoin Market you can create own Bitcoin Marketplace, where customers can buy or sell bitcoins online and you will earn configurated by you comission for each trade.


Live demo script :

Main features

  • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
  • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
  • Multilanguage System
  • Support RTL languages
  • Customers can use script as own wallet system and can store their bitcoins in script
  • Feedbacks System
  • Search System
  • Report System
  • Trade System
  • Chat system in trades with allowed file uploading (accept: png,jpg and pdf)
  • Every customer can post advertisement
  • SSQL Security (Powered by me4onkof)
  • Nice UI
  • Live notifications for new trade request
  • Sound notification for new trade request
  • Script use Block.io Wallet API to generate Bitcoin bitcoin wallet addresses, to allow send, receive and release bitcoins in trades.

3 steps account verification

  • Email verification
  • Document verification (Require admin approval of documents)
  • Mobile number verification (Use Nexmo.com API)
  • Trader(Advertiser) can choose what need to customer verified before send trade request

Administrator features

  • Full admin dashboard
  • Can process trades
  • Can manage users
  • Can manage trades
  • Can manage advertisements
  • Can manage reports
  • Can manage own profits (setup custom buy, sell and withdrawal comission)
  • and much more try admin panel in demo below

Server requirements

  • Apache 2.2 Server
  • PHP 5.4+ (not native)
  • MySQL Database Server
  • Apache mod_rewrite **ON**
  • PHP mysqli extension
  • PHP allow_url_fopen **ON**
  • PHP curl extension
  • PHP gmp extension

How to install:

  • Download archive from your email
  • Unzip archive and upload it to your server web directory
  • When upload is ready set chmod 777 of folder **includes** and check if file **.htaccess** exists in root directory. If not exists upload it manually. If you use **cPanel** open **File Manager** and in top-right have button “Settings” click there and have checkbox “Show hidden files (dot files)”, allow it.
  • Open your website address, the install wizard will be automatically runed. Complete all fields and install it.
  • To run script successfully need to add **cron.php** file to your hosting Cron Jobs, this is need to update transactions and users balances. Cron Job execute command is **/usr/bin/php -q /home/your username/public_html/cron.php** add it to be run every minute.

Support :

Unlimited Domain + Source Code (Full Decoded)


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