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This script website mmm is a web script that uses the system and GIVING HELP ASKING FOR HELP, such as MMM Website in general. This script has been designed and tested 100% working and FIX. This script has been through trials and successful test error, so the script is ready for you to use if you want to create a website like MMM was support bitcoin and mmm script nulled.


Live demo script :

The Script has a view that is familiar and easy to learn by anyone.
How it Works is as follows:

  • Members sign up through the upline / manager or can register themselves. Registration can be set using Ticket Or Not
  • Furthermore, please login to the member area. Click on Menu Transaction >>> Provide Help. PH can be set using tickets or not. By using DP / Admin Fee or not
  • You will get a pending transaction PH. Click On Details if you want to see who your partner.
  • Call your first beneficiaries. Immediately initiate a transfer to the account of the recipient if the recipient is already Ready Approve.
  • Confirm your transfer and the contact PH GH to make sure you’ve received and disapprove
  • After diapprove, countless days later, you could GH GH specified number, eg 150%
  • Furthermore, after GH is completed, members will perform re PH, etc.
  • Ticket system using the Balance / nominal Figures / Balance. So it is simple and can transfer your ticket member. Tickets not shaped Codes
  • Members sign up for free. But when the PH and GH will be charged ticket 1 piece. If the sign also use the ticket, then the member can not register itself but must go through Upline / Sponsor

Feature Script:

  • Transactions could use the Bitcoin and you can also have access to add Bank, FasaPay or Perfect Money on the code
  • Equiped SMS Gateway
  • Easy and complete Admin Panel
  • Features Print Data Transaction
  • Messages between PH and GH
  • Details of referrals and referrals can see transaction data
  • The Commission is composed of the Sponsor Committee, Level Commission and Commission Manager. Can be switched off
  • Username Affiliate Member
  • Features Anti Hit and Run
  • Limit PH and GH Every Day, Week and Month
  • Ticket System
  • DP Systes
  • Manager System
  • Etc


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