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Recommend Best Web Hosting Portugal To Speed Up Website


Internet hosting is the first point to think about when you’re considering to take your business online. It’s one such factor that decides a variety of critical characteristic of your website. Thus, choosing a Web Hosting Portugal provider becomes an important & most critical aspect of establishing a company online.

However, choosing an internet hosting company isn’t easy. There are a variety of points that need to bear in mind to ensure that the solutions they are getting are top-notch and dependable. Moreover, one of the most intimidating truth about the choice of residential & worldwide solutions is the choice in between “residential” & “worldwide” internet hosting solutions.

While this is a subject of debate as which kind of solutions are the best for business, most of individuals vote for residential internet hosting solutions. The movie doubters claim that residential internet hosting is more efficient compared to any worldwide solutions.

Here are some major advantages of using domestic Web Hosting Portugal services:


Performance is the base of any successful website. The more performing is your website, the more you drive traffic towards the site and the more are your conversions and finally the profits. With local web hosting service providers in Portugal, you can rest assured to get optimum performance and thus make your website easy loading, & user-friendly.


There is no doubt that locally sourced services are cost-effective than international source web hosting services. The local web hosting services provider in Portugal can enjoy the benefits of operating from a lesser distance and thus can offer great benefits to its associates. Whereas, in case of an international service provider, the cost of technology and support to the foreign land becomes too expensive to offer any relaxation to the company.

Technical support:

As explained above, a local service provider operates from the local grounds and thus he is readily available in case of any requirement. You can avail the services of a local Portugal web hosting service provider 24/7 as he is geographically closer to the site.

Contribution to the economy:

When you operate local, you are contributing to the economy by dealing with local players. This helps in strengthening the economy which in long run brings a number of advantages for the business.

Top 10 Portugal Web Hosting Companies

These are the benefits of operating locally, if you are looking for the best local Portugal web hosting company, here is the list of 10 reputed web hosting companies in Portugal:

1. is a renowned web hosting company in Portugal. They are into the business since 2001 and have registered a number of domains successfully with top-notch support. The leader of their fields, Dominios collaborated with Claranet group in 2014 and became of giant web hosting provider in the entire Portuguese market.

Accredited by DNS.PT, they are the largest web hosting service provider in the entire region. Known for their excellent services and customer support, provides a number of services including professional emails, domain name registration/ transfer, web designing service, email marketing, dedicated servers, web hosting and website development.

2. OVH

OVH is one of the leading web hosting company in Portugal. The company currently has over 300,000 servers, 27 data centers and are spread over 19 countries supporting over 18M web hosting websites. They have a well-equipped network with the high capacity to host & create a number of web applications.

They have been in the market for over 15 years and have developed great skills and knowledge. They are the leading professionals with a dedicated team and a variety of technically advanced tools and equipment. They offer web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud and many other services to their customers at a reasonable price.

3. ptisp

PTisp started in 2001 & since then the company has catered to its customers with quality & perfection. They are a reliable market player offering 24/7/365 days support to its customers. With over 40,000 domains and 8000 active customers, the company has honed its services to perfection to meet the unique demands of its customers.

They also own 8 data centers and over 800 servers assisting their customers with above 100,000daily service requests. The primary services they offer include cPanel hosting, premium SSD solution, reseller hosting, domain registration, virtual servers, etc.

4. Claranet

With the mission of helping their customers in maximizing their profits from the web hosting services they deliver, Claranet is one of the most innovative web hosting experts in the Spanish Market. With years of experience and hands-on knowledge, the company holds a competitive edge in offering highly technical services to its clients.

They are the experts in web acceleration and DoS Protection, Managed Webhosting, MPLS private Networks, Virtual Data Centers and more. They offer 24/7 technical support to its customers for a variety of services including domain registration, public and private cloud, hybrid hosting and dedicated managed servers.

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5. Arsys

Arsys is another leading web hosting market player offering quality services in the Spanish Market. With a team of dedicated experts, the company has catered to a number of customers par excellence and has surpassed the stereotypical glitches of the market. With innovation in their core, Arsys has excelled in providing all types of domain related services along with web hosting services.

They are the recommended providers for Cloud Hosting Solutions, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Central Storage Solutions and Web Development by customers. They are reasonable and reliable web hosting experts for individual, startups, and enterprises.

6. Piensasolutions

Piensa Solutions are as unique as their name. They are a leading web hosting service providers in Portugal that believe in high-level innovation & customer service. They have been a reliable and trusted web hosting experts in the Spanish market for long and thus have accumulated a great pool of customers in the industry.

With a team of expert professionals, their aim is to offer highly technological yet affordable services to their customers. They are renowned to be highly flexible, creative, efficient and reliable web hosting service providers in Portugal.

7. Webtuga

WebTuga is a company under Dream Fusion- IT services. The company was founded in 2008 and have evolved a lot since their inception. They are available for their customers 24/7 and work more on quality & results. Continuously evolving the quality of their services, WebTuga has carved a unique presence in the market for themselves. Offering scalable services, Web Tuga is catering to individuals as well as small & medium sized organizations.

8. Webhs

Webhs was first founded in 2002 under the name of WebSP.Lda. They used to offer online marketing content hosting services for shared/dedicated, domain registration and more. With their commitment to quality services and 100% support, the company has evolved as a reliable web hosting services expert in the region. They believe in innovation thus all their services are a step ahead than their competitors. They operate on their own hardware and offer 99.95% uptime to their clients.

9. Ptservidor

PTServidor was established in 2006 with the motive to cater to the shortcomings of the web hosting market. The company is highly customer oriented and offer premium quality solutions for all sort of customer demands. They got that status of Registered National Brand in 2009 and since then they are offering quality service to their customer’s region-wide. They have also made their permanent place in the top 10 largest registrars in the region by offering high-quality and result in oriented services. They believe in delivering perfection in all their services combined with quality and results.

10. Ciberconceito

CiberConceito was established in 1996 and since then, they are catering their customers with high-quality services. CiberConceito is also known to be the first ever internet service provider in Portugal offering services at a very reasonable price. They are a pure customer-centric company offering high-level customer satisfaction in all their services. Being a top-notch player in the Information technology field, they are the best web hosting associates in entire Portugal.

Choosing the Best Portugal Web Hosting Service

Choosing the best web hosting company is critical for any business. To enjoy a number of technical &commercial advantages, many Portugal businesses collaborate with local Portugal web hosting expert company.

This will not only offer budget-friendly advantages but also ensure that your website is fully functional and user-friendly without rendering any technical glitch. Even if it does breakdown at any moment, the local web hosting experts offer 24/7 customer support.

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